Dr Shoshana Garfield

Dr Shoshana Garfield, PhD in Psychology, has been helping people recover from trauma for over 25 years. Shoshana has developed a system of facilitating people’s access to their innate wellbeing, irrespective of circumstance or injury, and alongside use of techniques that allow one’s thinking to calm enough to get much-needed perspective.  Shoshana has developed her system through her own intense personal journey, and the system is the culmination of her own healing from intense childhood abuse and parental mistreatment. Through persistence and willingness to explore, she has fully recovered and is in an excellent position to know and teach about innate wellbeing and happiness.  Clients consistently report getting more and deeper results than they had imagined possible, and go on to lead deeply fulfilling lives, and all in a fraction of the time of traditional treatments.

She combines several threads in her work, deeply influenced by attachment theory and psychoanalytical insights and principles: Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy (PEP), EFT, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP; regarding the structure of thought), and Three Principles (regarding the nature of thought and relationship between circumstances/ thoughts/ feelings) to get spectacular results for her clients.  She also helps practitioners / psychologists  upgrade their skills. She has taught London Fire Brigade staff, NHS staff, drug rehabilitation staff, CBT therapists and co-taught mental health practitioners with Dr Phil Mollon, founder of PEP.

Dr Garfield is on the International Training and Certification Board as the UK representative of AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques), and literally co-wrote the qualifying exam for new practitioners.  She is also on the Register of Trauma Specialists, and a member of TAG (Trauma and Abuse Group) and ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology). Dr Garfield is not BACP or UKCP affiliated, nor does she intend to be, as she much prefers doing what works, rather what she is beholden to do.

She has appeared in The Guardian, in Church Times, on BBC radio, and on Canadian National Television.